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RE: V8 Stuff (Manual vs. Automatic transmission) (longish)

Although it is true that the 540i is not the flagship (in terms of price),
it is still an incredibly luxurious car. My A4 has a manual and I love
driving it. My father has a BMW 740iL (very similar to the 750iL) and I
don't think that a manual transmission would significantly enhance that
car. On the other hand, the previous 7-series (E32) was offered with a
manual in the US. Since the 5KTQs is no longer a current model, those who
want to drive a "top-of-the-line" sedan with a manual may want to consider
an E32 7-series.

I don't really understand why a manufacturer's decision to offer a manual
in its most expensive car is important. I think that all BMWs handle very
well, but for the driving enthusiast, the smaller 3- and 5-series cars are
more fun to drive than the giant 7-series. Of course there are some who
would like to buy a manual-equipped 7-series, but I suspect that the
numbers are so small that BMA NA chose not to import that combination. BMW
has been responsive to letters from BMA CCA members (318ti Club Sport, E36
M3), so I think that if there was significant demand, they might bring the
car here.

BMW has an ad campaign which states that the 5-series is the only car in
its class with a standard transmission (I am guessing that they are
comparing it to the Mercedes E-class and whatever Lexus, Infiniti, and
Cadillac models are in the same size/price range). A quick check of Audi's
web site showed that the new A6 only comes with an automatic (although it
is a Tiptronic).


At 1:18 PM -0500 1/20/98, you wrote:

>BMW 5-series is not the top-of-the-line Flagship Bimmer.
>I thinks its the -series 750iL meebe......?
>The current BMW 5-series offers a manual. The 540i Sport has a manual. I
>don't know if you can get the 528i with a manual.
>>One of the best advantages of the 5KTQs (besides q) is that it is a big,
>>comfortable, top-line luxury automobile with a standard transmission!
>>The would be almost intolerable without a standard trans. This one
>>feature alone prevents the 5KTQ from being an old man's car.
>>What other top-end flagship luxury automobile is available with a standard?
>>I cannot think of even one. ('cept Audi V8 and not anymore Monty)

Aalok Kacha <aalok@uchicago.edu>
1998 A4q 2.8 (30v, sport, manual)