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Re: another one bites the dust

I'm glad to hear that your wife is OK. I have been through an accident in
which an Audi was totalled (I knew as soon as I saw the car from the
outside, the insurance agent didn't even bother getting quotes from a body
shop). I didn't have any serious injuries in that accident and I believe
the only reason I am alive today is because of the safety features built
into that car. I strongly recommend another Audi if for no reason other
than its safety.

My search for a replacement began on the web. I suggest searching for the
model you are looking for with Altavista. You will end up with a ton of
pages to sort through (I spent about 6 hours at the computer) but you
should find something. There are also sites devoted to automotive
classifieds. Here are some links to get you started (some of them are
bookmarks from about 18 months ago, so they might not work):



At 7:32 AM -0500 1/20/98, you wrote:

>Well, it seems that bad luck comes in groups. Another Audi bites the dust.
>I just got off the phone with my wife who A)informed me that she is OK, and
>B)"the audi is totalled". Seems a woman in a Neon ran a red (she was ticketed)
>and my wife broadsided her. Carie was taken to the hospital for observation
>and was soon therafter released. The car was taken to a body shop that
>pronounced it most likely totalled. Air-bag deployed, a/c compressor snapped
>off its mounts, passenger doors won't open.  All of this of course happens
>while I am almost exactly 12,000 miles away from Boston in japan. It is of
>course not a catastrophy, or anything close to it, since Carie is
>nothing more than a little shaken.
>But it will leave me with out my  (ironically, Carie was driving my car to
>take it to Auto-Bon imports in Cambride, which is very close to where she
>works) 1990 Audi 200 quattro wagon with euro headlights, 1.8 bar chip and
>brand new  pirelli winter p210s all around when I return on friday. So if
>anyone know the wherabouts of a 89-90 200qw in decent shape, let me know
>Otherwise, I might just have to find out if 5 speed Volvo awd wagans are
>available in massachusetts.....And I really don't want to do that.

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