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Performance Car 4WD test

In the February issue of Performance Car there's a comparison of the 20v Ur
quattro, Escort Cosworth, Impreza Turbo, Integrale and Skyline. I though
that this was going to be the usual thing, old quattro, well sorted others
and conclude that the quattro is an also-ran. No. Rather than relate the
whole article, heres some quotes:-
"Only a handful of cars have earned the right to stand comparison with the
"stepping into the quattro is a revelation"
"Far from showing how far 4x4 homologation rally cars have come in the last
tenyears, it serves to underline just how far ahead of the game Audi must
have been when the quattro was launched"
"It sounds fabulous"
"in terms of delivering ultimate levels of reassuring grip, it's the best

In conclusion they sum up that there isnt actually a lot between the cars,
but they would place them as :-
#5 Escort Cosworth
#4 Nissan Skyline
#3 Audi Quattro 20v
#2 Delta Integrale Evo
#1 Impreza Turbo  (but only just #1)

They imply that the 80000 mile quattro is for sale @8500GBP.
Under the bonnet the slam panel looks a bit tatty (a bit like the one on my
car) and inside the cabin its obvious that the side bolster of driver's seat
has suffered.
I think that the plate is G751TFG.

Jim Haseltine
88 Ur quattro