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Re: help resuscitate an old Audi

>>- The headliner is sagging.  I was going to try tacking it up with 
>  corkscrew-shaped upholstery pins, but the insulation seems to be 
>  than the pins I bought.  In a past (Saab) life, I found that the 3M
>  spray-on adhesives don't seem to work that well.  Other ideas?

- I have discovered that the best "quick fix" for a sagging headliner on 
a 5k (and possibly others) is to go down to the friendly neighborhood 
hardware store and get some screen spline (the cordlike stuff that holds 
a screen door in its place). Tighten the headliner with a friend and a 
few blunt screwdrivers, and force the spline in the gap between the 
headliner and the roof and/or pillars. 
Total cost- under $1.00 and 10 minutes. I did this a few years ago and 
have had no problem since.

Good luck.
Ted Harlan

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