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many things

1.(Am I beating a dead horse?) The ISV (Bosch)has three pins. I don't 
want to break it any worse. Does it have a diode inside? If not, can 
someone describe what the three pins are--at least hot and common?

2.I am trying to get ahold of Christian Long regarding a "for sale", but 
RELAYER@aol.com returns my messages. Anyone know where he is?

3.(A tall order) Can anyone plot out depreciation for the S4, V8, S6, 
and 200TQ? Osman? Hell, just tell me where I can find year-to-year 
numbers. I want to replace my N/A 5k now that I have a good start to my 
career, but I don't know whether I want to invest and wait to buy the 
new S4 with cash. It's pretty nice not having wife, kids, or debt-- and 
I think if the markets keep up (a longshot) I could buy a 2000 S4 in 
2002 (uggh, a BAD number!). I can rest assured that the 5k will need no 
parts whatsoever for the next 4 years.

Ted Harlan
'86 5k

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