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vents(?) on back shelf of 5000's

brett sez:
>Ok, there are about 4 vents(or what look like vents) right at the bottom of
>the rear window...they are built in to that funny plywood(?) shelf with the
>"black astroturf" that's impossible to clean :)
>Are these supposed to have any function?  Looks like they might allow air
>in the trunk to circulate with air in the passenger compartment.  Whatever
>they are, Audi obviously had a reason for putting them there...they're not
>Does anyone know what the heck they are?

the vent for the pass compartment into the trunk allows air to escape
through the flaps hidden under the bumper skins behind the rear wheel
wells.  this is for ventilation and allows you to close the last door
without popping an eardrum.
i found this when trying to locate an annoying rattle i heard when
closing the door.  turns out it was the flap coming back to rest.
must move a fair amount of air...


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