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re: Ur-Q, and in love.

Congrats on getting the Ur-Q, Paul. You must be vying for Purchaser of
The Greatest Number of Audis in the Shortest Amount of Time Award ;-)

I agree with your comparison of old vs. new. The Ur-Q is simply a blast
to drive- I just got tired of using it as a daily driver. 

I kept my original15x8 Ronals when I sold my Ur-Q, and recently had them
refinished. I'm currently using them as summer wheels on my 91 200q (yes,
they fit s/UFO brakes), but I periodically think of going to S4 wheels (or
a second set of orig. BBS). What I'm getting at is your car looks best
w/original 8" Ronals. Let me know if you're interested. I'm posting this to
the list in case anyone else wants to be kept in mind should I divest
myself of them.

91 200q
89 80q