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Re: Traveling to Europe with your Car (Montana Speed limit)

On 1/27/98 3:30PM, in message <34CE6E05.38BA@earthlink.net>, "Dave A." 
<sasakikojiro@earthlink.net> wrote:

> If any of you guys near CA want to speed-  I know a road neal Las Vegas-
> just south of the town, actually, that's empty-as-heck, and has 5-10+
> mile visibility either way.

Car&Drivel used to do high-speed runs on a road out in the general area you describe.
They called it "Mrs. Orcutt's Driveway" because some old lady by that name lived at 
the end of the road.  Clear, flat, and smooth with visibility for some insane distance.
Every time they built a 600mph Eldorado or whatever they'd take it out there and open 
it up... I wonder if it could be the same road??  I'm out that way all the time.. I'd sure like 
to find it!

Kevin Collins
'97 GTI VR6