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Re: Traveling to Europe with your Car (Montana Speed limit)

> Car&Drivel used to do high-speed runs on a road out in the general area you describe.
> They called it "Mrs. Orcutt's Driveway" because some old lady by that name lived at
> the end of the road.  Clear, flat, and smooth with visibility for some insane distance.

Hmm.. you never know-  there are a few rolling hills/light curves on
that road though-  that was the ONLY way I got a auto-Integra to those
speeds-  the piece of crap would be lucky to hit 120 on a good day
otherwise!  It would pick up a mph or two on each downhill, then
maintain.. pick up.. etc.   Needless to say, it's a LOOONG road-  it
took awhile to get to that speed!

I forget hwat highway it is exactly-  it's about maybe a few miles south
of the city, heading West is where we went.  Look in the phone book
there for a fireworks sales place next time you go, about 80-85 miles
out of vegas.  If it's off an E/W highway, that's it!  Plus, you get to
load the trunk of the VR6 with rockets when you get there :)