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Re: wuz K40.... now I been saved!

---------------------- Forwarded by Sean Ford/BOSTON/IDX1 on 01/28/98 10:30
AM ---------------------------

Sean Ford
01/28/98 10:15 AM

To:   mdeltergo@hotmail.com
cc:    Audi
Subject:  Re: wuz K40.... now I been saved!  (Document link not converted)

Good point, Mike, I stand corrected. My '92 100 also appears to have a 2
wheel parking brake system and I suspect it is used throughout the Audi
lineup. The original comment still stands, however, 4 wheel braking is
superior to 2, and the brake lights would signal the tailgater when using
the brake pedal as opposed to the hand brake.

Sean Ford
IDX, Boston, MA
'92 Audi 100CS 5-spd 33k mi

mdeltergo@hotmail.com on 01/28/98 10:15:37 AM

To:   Sean Ford
cc:   quattro@coimbra.ans.net
Subject:  Re: wuz K40.... now I been saved!

Sean said,
<...decrease the
amount of braking action that 4 wheel braking (vs. one wheel) would
Not sure which Audi Glen was driving, but my UrQ and 5000TQ both have
dual rear wheel EBrakes
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