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Re: OEM colors


  I couldn't dig up the information on the color combinations, but these
are the exterior colors offered for the 5000 range in model year '88 (for
US cars, not sure if Euro is different):

Color code     Description               L# (?)         5000 Trim Level
Q5Q5      Almond Beige Metallic          LY1Y           S,CST,CSTQ
G2G2      Tornado Red              LY3D       S,SQ,CST,CSTQ
Q4Q4      Maraschino Red Metallic  LY3V       S,SQ,CST,CSTQ
L5L5      Sapphire Metallic        LY5V       S,CST,CSTQ
Q2Q2      Nautical Blue Metallic         LY5Z           S,CST,CSTQ
U8U8      Stone Grey Metallic      LY7U       S,SQ,CST,CSTQ
L1L1      Zermatt Silver Metallic        LY7Y           S,SQ,CST,CSTQ
9004      Brilliant Black                LY9B           S,SQ
Q1Q1      Satin Black Metallic           LY9Y           CST,CSTQ
9019      Pearl White Metallic           LOA9           CSTQ
P1P1      Alpine White             L90E       S,SQ,CST

I hope the general structure of the chart comes through in email. According
to the chart, you're driving a 5kcstq, n'est pas?

Sean Ford
IDX, Boston, MA
'92 Audi 100CS 5-spd 33k mi
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From: Neil Swanson <75377.3445@compuserve.com>

>For a 1988 5ktq,
>What exterior colors did Audi offer in 1988 or in the 5ktq range with a
>dark blue leather interior?  Anybody know?
>Car is pearl now, and not a good pearl either.  Had some panels repainted
>over the years.  It is kinda beat with cracked clear etc.
>So what else was OEM?
>Did the sport seat interior ever come in dark blue?
>As you can guess I'm dreaming of a repaint.  And maybe not pearl either.