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Re: 91 200 TQ Brakes (UFOs)

Wolff wrote:

> > Show me the man who can machine these UFO rotors. I really want to meet him. He's
> > kept a real low profile, and has one of the most unusual lathes I've seen in any
> > brake shop on this continent. They can't be 'turned'.
> snip
> Well, he does keep a low profile, but sometime soon we are going to turn
> my UFO's. His lathe isn't in a brake shop, but it is unusual. Not that I
> think the turned rotors will last, but certainly worth an experimental
> try. Meanwhile, I am still researching conversion kits.
> Wolff
> '91 200 tq (new radiator so now I can look at the brakes again)

Somehow I knew as soon as I hit 'send' I'd hear about someone who could do it.
However, I too would not expect them to last very long. I'm not entirely sure that the
hub of the rotor is not part of the problem. Can you confirm that the hub is straight
before turning them? I expect the magic lathe would be able to determine whether the
hub is out of spec laterally. This would seem to be a critical issue, doncha think?
Regardless, I bet you don't get more than a few thousand miles of regular driving
before you warp 'em again. Definitely report the results, though. Your friend may have
a new business here.

Please post the results/details of whatever you end up doing on the four-pot upgrade.
I will prolly go there too, eventually.


91 200q
86 5ktq