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Re: Moron's Corner AM/FM Reception 90Q

Paul, I have the same radio (pre-amp only) in my 91 200q. I connected my rear
antenna lead as it is both AM and FM. Without a special tuner (different
stereo) you can't run both FM leadsin via a split - it totally messes up the
signal. Just use the rear or install a fuchs unit like I would like to do...



Paul_Royal@idx.com wrote:

> Straight and simple...but apparently not for me....
> CD/Player AM/FM Eclipse 5331 goes back in tomorrow.
> There are two antenna connections.
> One rear (AM?)
> One front (FM?)
> One amplified (FM?)
> Problem: Y-antenna adapter first folks put in yields no AM and just OK FM
> reception....is this because the FM amplifier just provides white noise to
> the AM when wires are combined?
> Is there some kind of adapter/switch available to combine the two antennas
> into the one receptacle on the CD player that will let me hear AM?  I am
> being told "No" by the "experts."  The car is a 90-90Q20v....not the Fuba
> antenna like the coupe.
> Thanks in Advance,
> Paul "Rings of Torture" Royal
> PS: Why do I want AM?  I commute to Boston, home of the "Big Dig", the most
> expensive public works (pork) project in the history of the United States.
> Don't even try...yes, more expensive than the Panama Canal even when you
> adjust for inflation...things like the Hoover Dam don't  even come close.
> For those that don't know about it, we're getting some nice new tunnels, a
> road or two, and some bushes
> for our money.  Traffic reports and updates actually have relevance these
> days. :-(