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Re: Part Deux - Euro driving tips

Michael Murphy wrote:
> Hello list,
> I'm back from Europe - 4 coutries in 12 days in an A3 (no A4s were
> available).  Put 2k km on this puppy, and again, many thanks to all who
> provided info about driving in Europe (but you left out a couple of
> things, see below).
> My brief impressions:

> Euro listers also never mentioned the "we're trained to drive up your
> ass" French drivers.  They add new meaning to the word tailgate, only to
> be out done by Italians.  Where the French follow 2-4cm from you rear,
> the Italians seem to prefer the lock bumpers and be towed method of
> tailgating.  The A3 did bail us out (getting away from or around) these
> crazies.

Yep, just a word about that, first, you're right this is really
dangerous to drive like that. Second, you guys from USA (i've been and
drive there many times all around USA :) ) get a least 3-4-5 lane to
drive and get caught exeeding speed limit mean really something. So you
all almost drive at the same speed whatever the lane : 60 MPH aprox and
stay stuck like that. (i could saw that most of accident are just small
bump in rear, as i guess it's so boring driving like that you just feel
asleep or poking around your car and just realize too late you better
use your brake :))

We are more latin, even in UK, people use to get crazy when driving
overseas, there is an expression they use "do it as a french style" for
crossing roundabout etc...

BTW the thing is : we love to drive fast (as you, i guess), we drive
fast (you don't, as i know). And we get caught ? bah

1/ few police controls, if there is some, bad luck :(
2/ Maybe a friend of you or somebody you know working for PD could get
rid of this :) (the best)
3/ you pay the fine thats all.

So 3-4 cm from your rear, right, we love to drive fast, we get 2 lanes,
sometime 3, you stay on the left lane at 60 MPH because you're a tourist
but 80% of people here do the same, so move your ass to the right lane
nobody will drive 3-4 cm far from your rear ;). I personally could drive
at 155-175 MPH with my S2 on highways, i don't want to see somebody on
left lane at 60 MPH w/ nobody on other lane driving like an old lady
going to the church :>

think Italian worst ? beware i myself french with italian name and a
german car :>

> Pamela, my made in the USA speed warning system and significant other,
> worked perfectly the whole trip; sounding her warnings whenever the
> speedo got beyond 140 km/hr.  She also destroyed her knee skiing the
> last run in Megeve.  Alps snow is decidedly different from the "ice"
> we ski in the Northeast US.

Yeah you're right even in Aspen you could not find a so nice place like
French/Swiss Alps !


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