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Fuel pump flow

What is the flow rate of the 5k fuel pump? I need to klnow because I've
seen some racing type pumps around at cheaper than Audi price. I don't
really mean racing, but high flow types. Most have smaller packaging than
the stocker. I was wondering: if I could make an adapter to make the new
smaller fp fit the baffle? Would it not work properly? Has anyone btdt?
Common logic says it will work, provided the adapter seals the baffle like
the housing on the stock pump. Maybe a reducer or cone would need to be
placed over the pickup. By the way, why are our pumps so big? I have a 5.0
l Mustang pump that's 1/4 the size and almost certainly flows more fuel
than a turbo or non turbo Audi needs.

'84  5ksT 1.6-2.0 bar

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