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>    I understand what you are saying about the oil squirters and Sodium
>filled valves and agree with your post for the most part.  BUT,
>    THe compression ratio in my 4kq and your Coupe GT is 8.0:1.  Unless
>you have the 130hp 1987 engine then you have a 10:1 ratio.  The MC motor
>is 8.2:1 and the UR-q/5000sTurbo is 7.0:1 or 8.0:1
>    THese are all right in there with the NA engine.  So the compression
>shouldn't really be the issue, only the valves and oil squirters.
>    Would the turbo EM bolt up to the NA head?  If so, seems doable to
>me.  I would be willing to donate my engine to the cause if anyone wants
>to make up a "black box" to richen the mixture. :-)  Heck, I plan on
>doing an MC conversion in  2 years anyway.

Actually, the compression ratio in the KX/JT engines is 8.5:1.  This
is quite a bit higher than the 7.8:1 compression of the single knock
sensor MC engine, and much higher than the 7.0:1 of the urq engine
without knock sensor.

You really do have to be careful if you try to graft a turbo onto the
KX/JT engine.  Yes, it can be done, but there are a lot of hassles,
limitations, and care that needs to be taken with it.  Most people opt
for a real turbo I5 engine because, although it takes a bit more work,
you have a much more robust system with much greater potential for HP.

Now, I really like the idea of that electric supercharger that is on
the market.  Unfortunately, at $1800 a pop, it costs about as much as
a turbo I5 swap.  :-(

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