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Re: your mail

On Thu, 29 Jan 1998, Fluhr wrote:

> Todd,
> Actually, the compression ratio in the KX/JT engines is 8.5:1.  This
> is quite a bit higher than the 7.8:1 compression of the single knock
> sensor MC engine, and much higher than the 7.0:1 of the urq engine
> without knock sensor.

	Yes, my mistake.  I meant 8.5:1.  I though that the MC was 8.2:1
though. My mistake.  And if I am not mistaken, cant you add a knock
sensor?  Or at least just run High Octane Gas all the time.  IF it starts
pinging, back off.  Even people can hear an engine that pings.

> You really do have to be careful if you try to graft a turbo onto the
> KX/JT engine.  Yes, it can be done, but there are a lot of hassles,
> limitations, and care that needs to be taken with it.  Most people opt
> for a real turbo I5 engine because, although it takes a bit more work,
> you have a much more robust system with much greater potential for HP.

	True.  BUt is is possable.  And if you have the parts lying
around, like some people do, It would make an interesting experiment.  I
wouldn't want to invest big $$$ into it but for cheap, it could be worth
it, for a while. 

> Now, I really like the idea of that electric supercharger that is on
> the market.  Unfortunately, at $1800 a pop, it costs about as much as
> a turbo I5 swap.  :-(

	I am not familiar with this SC.  IS it like an electric Vortech
unit or something that mounts out away from the engine.   I would think it
would have to be to work on a CIS car.