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Re: Callaway Turbo kit

    The newer NA engines do.  Starting in late 1987 with the higher
comperession, 2.3L CIS-E III engine that was available in the Coupe GT.
This 10.0:1 CR, engine had oil squirters, as have all the NA 5-cyl
engines since then.  Thus, the 80/90q here in the US have them, as do
the newer 5ks.  I would assume that the 20v has them too but I am not
        Any discrepancies in this Gary?

glen powell wrote:

> Don't the NA I5s also have the piston oil coolers?
> Starting when?
> -glen

Todd Phenneger
84' 4kq daily driver with new Red paint
2.5" SS Borla Exhaust, Boge Turbo Gas Struts
15" wheels and 205/50-ZR15 Bridgestone RE-71 Tires
Considering a Turbo :-)