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RE: FINAL: Wheel and Tire

You're a better friend than I would be.  The wheel would also be
replaced at the cardiologist's expense if he were my friend.  I mean
even though you probably said something like, "hey check this out, isn't
it neat?", he should still have taken the same level of care with your
car as he would in his own.  Maybe he did...   ??

As for a wheel balancing correcting a pull.... Doubtful.  I would employ
the same method as many people do with doctors... get a second opinion
(on the state of your alignment).


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> Subject:	FINAL: Wheel and Tire
> So I took the A4 into the body shop this morning to
> have them look at the wheel/tire and suspension.
> Turns out the alignment is alright.
> I did order a new Dunlop 8000 from Tire Rack for
> $123. I think I will pass that bill along to the
> Cardiologist. I figure the sidewall is weak and it is
> going to bug me until I fix it. Also, if I wait too
> much longer, I'll have to replace TWO tires.  The car
> (and tread) only has 4500 miles on it now.  A mount
> and balance should cure any slight pull to the right.
> Other than that, guess I'll just live with the wheel
> and its' dent..