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Re: WTB: Blower heat/AC

In a message dated 1/30/98 Mark Sousa <mps@netpci.com>

<< Does anyone have a used blower for sale? I have to tap mine every now and
then for it to come on. I guess it is a sign that it will soon part this
earth, or is there a fix to this? Thanks >>

You really don't want a used one unless it is out of an early car as Tony Lum
recently pointed out. (Early 5k's without the automatic climate control don't
eat motors the same way cuz they aren't on as much of the time.) I just went
through this ordeal and the job is not fun...My motor had both the brushes
worn all the way down, and the commutator was very worn as well...so much for
brush replacement ideas. Just get a new one and be done with it...they are
about 125-140 bucks depending where you get 'em. HTH

Mike Veglia
87 5kcstq

PS: You can buy a little more time by squirting stuff on the brushes, bending
brush keepers down, etc., but replacement is the real fix.