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I've now heard (since saying "it can't be done") that there are a few people out
there who can do it. But it's very rare, and I'm not sure the results are worth it
- they will likely warp that much faster after turning. I suspect. But, yes, it
can apparently be done.


Phil Rose wrote:

> >Date: Wed, 28 Jan 1998 19:32:07 +0000
> >From: Sargent Schutt <sargent@novagate.com>
> >Subject: Re: 91 200 TQ Brakes (UFOs)
> >
> >C1J1Miller@aol.com wrote:
> >
> >> Sarge wrote:
> >>
> >> Sarge:  Couple comments.  First, you say the brakes were 15k miles old, and
> >> then warped (badly) within 2k, without heavy use.  I'd guess you were
> >>had; the
> >> rotors were probably warped, and were turned to allow the car to be sold.
> >> Some cars had recurring problems; often the rotors were mounted slightly out
> >> of round, etc. due to rust on the hub, or other factors.  Later rotors had
> >> provisions for mounting in five separate locations on the hub to allow the
> >> best fit/least out of round positioning.
> >
> >Show me the man who can machine these UFO rotors. I really want to meet
> >him. He's
> >kept a real low profile, and has one of the most unusual lathes I've seen
> >in any
> >brake shop on this continent. They can't be 'turned'.
> Is this really so (impossibility of turning the UFOs)?
> I've had a car dealer (not Audi authorized) whose speciality is Audi V8s
> make the claim that "Oh, we turn those rotors all the time". Was he jes'
> havin' some fun with me? Mind you, he was trying to set my mind at ease
> about the prospect of buying (from him) a '91 200q with UFO brakes.
> Phil Rose               Rochester, NY
> '89 100                 pjrose@servtech.com