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Re: Bad month in PA


Last month both George Baxter and I both had nasty accidents in our Ur-Q's. We
are fine, no human body damage at all, but the Q's were not so lucky. Needless
to say depression set in. We both tried to avoid other drivers. Mine was cited
for failure to yield right-of-way. Getting anything out of the insurance
company that was even close to reasonable took three weeks of negotiation. I
am going to repair mine, but I thing George's is a parts car. 

I am in need of a new motor, turbo, intercooler, and oil cooler. Motor is due
to the mounting points for the alternator bracket breaking off the block. I am
looking for an MC motor. This will be the biggest repair I have attempted so I
will be in need of help from those who have BTDT big time. Any and all
suggestions and tips would be really appreciated! 

A part that I need that is hard to find is the front spoiler/valence. If you
have one for sale please E-mail me a price and condition. If you know of an
after market supplier let me know. Audi wants big $ for one of these puppies. 


83 urq