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Cup holders/Windshield washer bottle

jerbeer sez:
>  Windshield washer bottle can be replaced with one from Alfa Spider.
> Fits where the "heavy duty" winshield washer bottle fits, up by the
>passenger side firewall. About half the capacity, but it  leaves a
>lot more room to get air to that restrictive air box!

fwiw, i have a euro spec 86 tqw.
the bumper-mounted headlight washer is supplied by the bottle/pump in
the rf fender.  the windshield washer is supplied by a bottle/pump on
the right side firewall.  a second reservoir/pump integrated into the
firewall bottle supplies the "heavy duty fluid" ("instensiv reiniger"?
bueller? anyone?) at low temps.
i doubt you will find this over here but a euro supplier can provide one.

the bottle is 447 955 453D.
you can reuse/reroute the original wiring, tubing, valves, pumps and caps.

or you could add headlight washers...


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