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RE: Oil leak and more

I just did that when I did the timing belt on the 5kCSQW.  If you do it
at that time it should be little more than the cost of the seal.  I was
not able to find the seal puller that Audi specifies, but I used the
technique I heard on the list ... and put a wood screw into it and
pulled it that way.  

Steve Buchholz
San Jose, CA (USA)

> ----------
> However, he also said that I have an oil leak.  I know he is right,
> there
> is quite a bit of oil on the underside of the engine.  But it's a slow
> leak.  He said it is from the front engine seals.  I don't know if
> replacing the seals is worth it in this old (somewhat of a beater)
> 5KCST,
> so I may just keep dumping oil in.  About how much would that run