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I can let the comments about State Farm or any other insurer go ... but
when you start talking about GEICO ... I can sit still no longer.
[Since now I am commenting on insurance let me also note that even
though I've never had State Farm, that I've dealt with them from the
other side (one of their customers hit my wife) and I found they were
better than they had to be with me ...]

I wouldn't care if GEICO gave me insurance for free ... I will never
support them.  GEICO is the company that buys LASER/RADAR speed
enforcement guns (perhaps even photo-RADAR, but I don't recall ever
hearing this) and gives them free to those enforcement organizations
that "need" them.  The cops get the revenue for the tickets and the
insurance company gets the higher premium ... and driving is safer for
all ...


Steve Buchholz
San Jose, CA (USA)

> ----------
> My personal experience with GEICO has been very pleasant.  I switched
> to
> GEICO after roughly 10 years of claim-free State Farm coverage.  The
> switch
> was no problem b/c of the lack of prior accidents and/or claims.
> Since
> switching two years ago I have had two accidents (neither my fault)
> and two
> resulting claims since both drivers were uninsured.