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URGENT 4kQ Clutch Pilot Bearing Question

Since I'll be digging around under the 4kQ this evening I'd appreciate a
quick response from anyone with experience on this one ... or at least a
well considered opinion ... :)

Please copy any response to my home e-mail account <Audinamx@aol.com> as
well as the list if you so desire ... you can be certain I'll post my
results when I get the tranny and engine back together again!

The fiche on the 4kQ has two listings for the pilot bearing, with a note
on both to check some other notice.  Unfortunately I only have the
number for the bearing I have 034 1005 313A ... 

My concern is that the new bearing looks different than the old bearing
... and I'm wondering if the differences caused my problem mating the
engine and tranny.  The original bearing is open in the back, while the
new one has a cap that sticks out another 0.25" behind the bearing.
This new bearing seems to have a better sealing mechanism, so I'd like
to use it, but my concern is that the tranny input shaft is not designed
for this bearing.  Is anyone familiar with the bearing that I am talking
about?  Has anyone used a bearing like this on a 4kQ flywheel?  Thanks
for any help on this!

I figure I'll probably measure the depth of the hole in the flywheel,
and I might test fit the tranny without the clutch in place to double
check ... but I'd hate to waste another expensive pilot bearing!

Steve Buchholz
San Jose, CA (USA)