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Re: 4 KQ gearing

Harrison, I guess you do know. What an unfortunate way to
find out.  For what it is worth my car is the special build
with the q stitch upholstery and a Jan '87 build date
(plaque on inside of drivers door).  And yes, I'm positive
I have the 3.89 gears. Curious though my odometer and
speedometer were always off from the time I purchased the
car. Seems the Speedo gear in the transmission is better
suited for 205 60 15 rather than the 195 60 14 specified
for the car. That was a clue my drive train may have been
earmarked for an Urq since the transmission ratios are the
same as some of the later urq's.  Any one else able to
confirm their 4kq has these gears? in 4th (1.07) & 5th
(0.78) that would work out to about 18 and 22 mph per 1000
rpm  respectively in a 4Kq with the 3.89 finals.  I don't
believe the 5Kq series ever got this particular gear set. 


> I found out the hard way that the 87 has 4.11 gears by
selling an 86 to
> a guy with an 87. Every time he hit a bump, the rear end
would skip
> forward. Eventually I had to give him more than the car
was worth for
> ruining his trans. The ratios and tooth counts I gave are
from Audi
> supplied interchange in my computer. The 87 (according to
Audi) is
> supposed to have 4.11 rear gears like my 90 quattro.