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Re: 4 KQ gearing

One of my favorite threads; but, we never seem to be able
to figure out what Audi did with any predictability.  It
was either Todd Candey or Chris Semple who took apart an 86
or 87 and found a  gear tooth count that indicated a 4.11:1
ratio. Of course I have an '87 I purchased new that has, I
can assure you, the 3.89 gears. Also transmission ratios
(4th & 5th) are different from the '84. Mine are 3.60,
2.13, 1.46, 1.07, 0.78 with the 3.89 finals. this yields
about  22 mph/1000 rpm in 5th. whereas the '84 is about 20
mph per 1000 rpm.  In side by side driving comparisons with
my son's '84 4Kq the gearing difference is very obvious.  

I have never driven in or ridden in an '85-87 4Kq with the
4.11 gears. However, I suspect as the last 4kq's were
coming off the assembly line that Audi may have decided to
clear out some left over parts and use what was available.
Harrison, I'd be interested in the transmission and rear
diff codes on your car. Check the sticker on the inside of
your trunk lid. Mine has the AEC rear differential and the
US, I think,  transmission code. Tell us how you found out
the hard way?

As far as I know all Syncro's got the 4.11 gears.
> In an earlier post, Glen mentioned that 84's have a 4.11
final, whereas
> the 85-87's have a 3.90 final. I thought that was the
case, however, in 
> my microfiche for the 85-87 4KQ, they list a 37/9 (4.11)
ring gear set.
> I know the gear ratios are different as well, can we
verify the 
> ring/pinion changes as well ? A friend just got a
boneyard 86 4KQ trans 
> for his Quantum Synchro which lists a 4.11 as well, if
the later trans 
> do have a 3.90 this wont work for him.
> Thanks
> Ron Wood
> FYI, in 87 it went back to a 4.11 ratio. I learned this
the hard way.
> harrison
> Well, that confirms it...  my '87 QSW has the 4:11 gears,
according to your post... since my car
> turns 4000 rpm at 80 mph!!