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Re: 9007 bulbs in 9004 DOT headlites?

>  I am wondering if anyone tried to use 9007 bulbs
> in 9004 US-spec Audi headlites. Do they really improve the night
> visibility? If somebody have done this, I would like to hear 
> your opinion about this "conversion".I am tired of being 
> blind in the dark and want to do something with it.  I know, 
> I know, Euro lights are great, but they are $430 EACH for my car...

I have done this on my 4kcsq, just like James Marriott.  Yes, they do
improve the pitiful US headlamps - at least the ones on the 4k/Coupes. 
With 9007's you get 10W of additional lighting on each low beam, plus
the pattern is better focused/distributed, with less "hot spots" and
more side/peripheral illumination.

Don't expect any miracles on the high beams, though.  They still can
only be described as "medium".

A groove has to be cut on the plastic base of the 9007 bulbs in order to
insert them in the headlamps and two wires have to be swapped - If I
remember correctly they are the low-beam and the ground.  Total cost of
the upgrade should be about $15 :)

Luis Marques
'87 4kcsq