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Two questions and a report.

Greetings q-persons,  as the archive search engine is disabled at the moment, I
have two questions to put before the house.

First.  My '87 5kCSq does not feel/drive the same at low speed as it does at
high speed.  At high speed, >70, the car tracks solidly and it's direction is
not perturbed by road irregularities.  At low speeds there is a vagueness and
tendancy to be pulled off course by any bump.  I do not hear or feel any great
looseness or clanging and banging from the suspension parts.  I have recent
Eibach springs, Koni shocks, and alignment.  Is what I'm experiencing likely the
need for new subframe bushings?  If they need replacing should I considering
solid bushings?  The car does see some track time.  Any experiences?

Two: I am certain this has happened to others.  My A/C blower motor doesn't come
on until the car is quite warm, and then not always.  When it is working, a
sharp turn to the left will shut it off and a sharp turn to the right will bring
it back.  (Honest Officer... I haven't been drinking, my windscreen was fogging
up and I was just trying to get the blower motor to come back on.  Yes, I know
the Beltway is crowded this time of day...)  I removed the blower control unit
to check for things loose and found nothing.  Will look for voltages tonight. 
Is there a particularly weak link in this chain?

Finally, installed Graydon's SS muffler last week after interviewing several
shops.  Knew I had picked the correct one when the guy had to stop building his
Cobra replica to work on my car.  Had everything replaced cat-back with 2 1/2"
pipe then attached to the gleaming SS muffler with 3" tip.  A bit louder at
idle, the muffler guy was surprised at how quiet it was, feels as if part
throttle response is better.  The sound is _much_ better!  I had not realized
how significant a part sound plays in the enjoyment equation.  Now just driving
around is rewarding.  Drove through the tunnel here in Monterey the other day at
part throttle and thought I would have to pull over and have a cigarette.  

Regards, Gross Scruggs
'87 5kCSq, Pearl, Fuchs, AVS Intermediates, HKS EVC, Eibach/Koni, Ate
Powerdisc/Carbon/Kevlar, Graydon's ESS (External Sound System)