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All this Torsen


Well my little innocent post to Jeff G. has brought out all kinds of new
stuff.  And good stuff too.

Jeff And Scotts posts as to why torsens "may" do what they do and when they
do it is really interesting.  I think I felt it all with the S6 I drove in
the snow/ice/slush on Z rated tires.  I felt the hunt but conditions were
at the absolute worst.  I can see how they would hunt without the actual
slip of a wheel though.

Now those who are going to WDSs or have been to Steamboat may have
something to consider.

Jeff G.,   Do you think running more positive offset wheels on the front of
your Torsen 200 has changed anything.  Track change altering wheel speeds
in corners?  Altering weight transfer at anytime?  Just a thought.

As for non torsen cars I didn't know that ALL the power goes to the wheel
that has no grip when the center is unlocked.  That can't be good.  So now
I'm thinking back to the skid pad at WDS v.1, and that when I countered the
understeer with a slight lift, and then countered the slight oversteer with
a little throttle just what was going to that rear tire.  ALOT of POWER. 
So locking the rear center would help out there, but the car with the
center locked wouldn't turn worth a damn on pure glare ice.  Oh well, I get
to try agian in a couple of weeks.

Has it occurred to anyone else that the Subaru ad is the exact oposite of
what our non torsen cars do?

I can hear that womens voice now "and the power goes from the wheels that
GRIP, to the wheel that SLIPS!"  as she does an ad for a non torsen Audi.

I know I've got to get to the next WDS and to a track event(s) this summer
to come to grips, no pun intended with my Q.  At least to try to relearn
driving a car that understers as these do.  10 years and 170k miles in a
RWD car are hard to shake out.

Keep these posts coming.

  Are we done with floor mats yet?  If not can I make one from the dead
horse we've got now?  What color should the mounting studs for that horse
mat be?