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100E origins

We had one of these on our car lot a few months back. I think it was a 1989,
and you're right, it was very 'utilitarian' in nature. From what I could
tell, it was every bit the same as a regular 100, with the exception of
interior detail. The 'E' designation probably meant 'economy' as it was
noticably cheaper than the regular 100 we had next to it. It was a fairly
rare model obviously and my thoughts as to why it even existed are based on
the era. First, Audi was still mired in the un-intended acceleration
debacle. It needed to boost sales and figured a base model 100 would help.
It was also the decline of the high-priced automobile market, both new and
used. Even though I work on these cars, and we sell them as well, I've still
only ever seen one.
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