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Re: Fog lights for euro-spec Audis

It seems that they did. Had a look at my '91 100 Avant and they are not
Hella foglamps and don't have the part number on the glass - just 'ZW(?)
Made in Austria'.

However, I am looking at a spare left foglamp I salvaged from a wrecked '84
100, and this is a Hella with the part no. 301 125 463 embossed in the
glass. It is not unreasonable to assume that the RH one, which I don't
possess, will be 464.



Cumbria, UK.

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From: Aleksander Mierzwa <alex@matrix.com.pl>
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Date: 02 March 1998 10:15
Subject: Fog lights for euro-spec Audis

>One more time I have to ask our European listers for help. Did the 83-91
>Audi 100 ever used same fog lights as 83-90 Audi 200 (p/n for 200 RH fog
>light is 301 125 464)?
>Aleksander Mierzwa
>Warsaw, Poland
>87 Audi 5000CS turbo (mine)
>88 Renault Medallion wagon (mom's)
>91 mountain bike (just in case both cars broke at the same time :-)