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<Tell people exactly where it is induced [speed, degree of turn, banking,
<pavement characteristics, what you were doing with left foot at the
<time, etc.,] and, maybe people can prevent it from happening to them,

Perhaps the best point to be made in the 40+ posts regarding this
"dangerous" behavior.  Better still maybe all the Torsen based owners
(myself included) should point this "danger" out to the nearest newtork
news show.  Maybe the titile could run, "Cars that fly off the road while
driving them above their[owners] [cars] ability and design".  Bruce and I
know each other pretty well :), in fact we've driven down the same roads
thousands of times in many cases.  I have never been bit by this spider
wheter it be in my Q or my Civic and I push both reasonably hard.  Note the
key word "reasonably" this is the word that seperates the people that stuff
their $100K 911 bi-turbo's into the wall at track day and the one's that
drive their cars home at the end of the day.  Is the Torsen Q the ONLY car
out their that has "bad" habits? Well, I think everyone knows the answer to
that question.