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Re: Parts needed, '86 5ktq and '87 CGT, I bent my car.

In a message dated 98-03-07 18:51:01 EST, you write:

<<Steinbru@VNET.IBM.COM >>
>Also in need of headlights, turn signals, and source for windshield>
>fit for an '87 CGT.  Possibly more.>

I'll see what I can do on the other parts...but if your interested in a new
try a place called Auto Glass Warehouse (1-800-634-0269) they're in
When I was looking for a new glass for my A4 nobody could come close to their 
prices.  You may have to work with them on shipping arrangements, ( I had to
pick my windsheild up at a trucking depot) but should be worth looking into.