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Re: Deer + A4 = BBQ

>98-03-03 20:12:49 EST
>From:	dmr@kwic.com (Don N. Muirhead)
>Rule #1 - never buy a Yellow car.  
>Rule #2 - take Insurance Adjuster to lunch.
> I'll keep you posted.
> Don 

Thanks for the insight / history of your vehicle and advice on future
treatment of Insurance Adjusters....all points well taken. Hope your shopping
a replacement going well & that new vehicle ownership will be a little better 
experience in the future for both you and your wife. (Maybe a red Audi (stop)
instead of a yellow Audi (yeild) is a good recommendation for the next
purchase  :)

I guess your correct in your assessment that perhaps this particular vehicle
may be
better off  as a parts donor than as a whole car. If Audi was mulling over
repurchasing  the car from you they obviously knew it was a problem child.
Anyway I appreciate the consideration in your response....

By the way Huw had some pretty good advice....

>another rule around here is you hit it, you keep it.  Get a good
>deer cutter down there fast and stock the freezer with veni-burgers.
>Huw Powell

I was pretty common knowledge that the D.N.R officers in the Upper Peninsula
(My former local) were always well stocked with venison from these type of
altercations...so....it may not be a silver lining but it's probablybetter to
think about 
on a full stomach.

Hope it works out for the best.