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RE: Idler tensioning

I actually used a pair of needle-nosed pliers with the tips in the holes
and pushed while my dad tightened the nut. I really thought the old
style was cool with the dual Hex arrangement.
chris perry

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>Subject:	Idler tensioning
>Hi Frank (and all)
>So, what's the deal on the tensioning tool for the timing-belt idler on
>my I4 engine.  I looked over the new idler last night and found the holes.
>Has anyone done this without the special tool (pinwrench?)  If it doesn't
>require tons of torque on it as I tighten the locknut, then I think I can
>use the old trick on two crossed punches with an ID slighlty smaller than
>the OD of the tensioner's holes.  Last night, 1/8" looked about right.
>Any BTDT on my suggestion, or any other methods?  Thanks.