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Re: '91 200 TQ 20V Wagon

Douglas Glanz wrote:

> I know some of you would be interested in a 200 TQ wagon, and I ran
> across this on the trader.
> 1991 AUDI 200, Turbo Quattro Wagon. Very rare, less than 200 sold that
> year.  First year for the 20-valve turbo engine. Last year of that
> body style. Last turbo quattro wagon until 1995. Indigo blue, grey
> leather. 88,700 miles. Very nice condition. Intended Acceleration ECU
> modification rated at 277hp. , $15,800.00 (864) 213-9269
> ekellock@ecs-inc.com
>  Location: Greenville, SC

Yeah, that's "fast Eddie's" car.  ;-)  Ed is on the list...  and the Avant
is quite nice (I guess he finally broke down and decided to sell it in
order to get that new Buick...   *just a joke, relax*  ;-)


'90 CQ20V