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'91 200 TQ 20V Wagon

Hey q-listers:

I know some of you would be interested in a 200 TQ wagon, and I ran
across this on the trader.

1991 AUDI 200, Turbo Quattro Wagon. Very rare, less than 200 sold that
year.  First year for the 20-valve turbo engine. Last year of that
body style. Last turbo quattro wagon until 1995. Indigo blue, grey
leather. 88,700 miles. Very nice condition. Intended Acceleration ECU
modification rated at 277hp. , $15,800.00 (864) 213-9269
 Location: Greenville, SC

Douglas P. Glanz

90 V8Q 129K
87 Alfa Milano, 67K
83 Alfa Spider, 108K

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