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Re: '94 Q45 / '89 200q comparison...U.S. only!

I think Mike Veglia wrote:
"I still disagree about certain model comparisons here in the US. I would
> a new A4 over ANY 3 series except a M3. I don't like the Z3...I think it
is an
> overpriced Miata and it is now well known for it's propensity to land
> down. (I have seen upside down myself.) The 5 series cars are small for
> exterior size...and in standard trim (NOT 540 or M5) are overpriced and
> underpowered. In comparison the new A6 is a better deal. I would also
> an A8 to a 750i. I would take a TT when they arrive over a Z3 anytime."

I don't follow the logic here.  The original claim was in terms of
performance.  Perhaps there are plenty of people who would take an A4 over a
3 series but few would be making that choice on performance only.  The
general consensus of the reviews (even ones that pick the A4) is that the 3
series is faster and better at carving traffic.  I agree with this
viewpoint.  The A4 is a little more posh and sophisticated.  Both great
cars - except the 3 series is something like 7 or 8 years old.  Makes you
think.  Listen, in terms of PERFORMANCE there is not a comparison b/w the A6
and a 528i.  If the 5 series is underpowered, what does that make the A6?
Again, some people (I heard the A8 sales are disappointing) may prefer the
A8 over the 740 or 750 but it doesn't perform any better.  Worse according
to C&D.  The A8 is a new design.  The 7 series isn't.  The TT isn't
available in the U.S. and the Cabrio doesn't compare to the Z3 (I agree the
4 banger is a rip-off and I think both Zs are ugly).  When the TT arrives,
it won't be able to run with the 6-banger Z3.  And, of course, you have the
540i and M3 for gravy.

I appreciate what MSW is saying about the tuning potential of "some" Audis.
However, I think this is Audi-myopic.  Remember, for every Scott J, Eric F,
Graydon, Scott M, Jeff G., etc. on this list there is a counterpart or two
tweaking his Bimmer or Volvo or Mitsubishi.  Turner sells very good chips
for Bimmers that are much cheaper than the Audi chips.  Because the engines
are n/a they don't give the same kick but are impressive nonetheless.  (86
535i gets 24hp at 4800rpm and 29trq at 2000 rpm! with a new rev limiter for
$225)  The Audi ec issue had a M3 with over 290hp with minor mods.  Think
what a supercharger would do to an M3, Z3 or 5 series.

My bottom line.  I'll stick with modified 80s and early 90s quattros and
enjoy watching the money I saved grow in the stock market.

Matt Pfeffer - an Audi guy who can still appreciate other brands :-)