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Re: '94 Q45 / '89 200q comparison...

In a message dated 3/19/98 Mike writes:
>Said '95 M3 had interior parts falling off within the
>first 20k miles...WMB's IMO do not have the same reputation for lasting
>forever that P-cars and (to some degree) Audis have...

I really think you are picking nits if you are going to claim Audis are any
more reliable or put together better than BMW.  I think we can all tell
horror stories about high maintenance European cars - I'm willing to call it
a draw between the marquees.

>but yes, they (wmb's) are fast,
>no denying that. BTW, the stock M3 I drive on occasion is "very stiff and
>fragile" and while not loud, isn't what I would call comfortable for long
>distance travel. For the cost one can have a very nice older type 44 q for
>road and a tricked out 944t (which will easily run with an M3) for the
>and be $ ahead.

I agree with you about the merits of the type 44 and a tricked out 944t.
However, I thought MSW's claim was best performance in the present tense.

>Like everything there are trade offs I suppose. If I had a 40k car budget I
>would not be looking at dumping it all into a single M-3. I guess a more
>comparison would be what 1987 wmb can I buy for less than 3k (I paid 2950
>my 5ktq) that can even come close to a 5ktq in any measure of performace?
>that I can think of...

No argument from me.  That's why I drive a modified type 44 which was bought
used.  However, 10 year old cars aren't the issue.  My point was for the
present.  My best friend drives an 86 535i which was one of BMW's better
cars in the 80s.  I posted to the list awhile ago my thoughts about that car
compared to a type 44 - no comparison.  The type 44 was a forward looking
design which has aged gracefully and can be modified into a spirited daily
driver and a really nice road/hwy car.  Great value.  The BMW feels ancient
by comparison.

It seems to me that Audi really had the edge in the 80s on most marquees.  I
honestly believe BMW has that edge in the 90s.  Are there exceptions (318
for instance), sure.  BUT, the 323, 328i,the Z3s, M3,528i,540i, and 740i are
all very impressive vehicles.  I hear rumors that an M5 is coming with close
to 400hp!  So when someone says that Audi is a close second to Porsche in
performance I say NOT.  I think it is only fair when comparing marquees to
ask which cars you would buy if you chose to buy new not 10 years old used.
My answer, and I know this is heresy, to that question is BMW at every price
point.  The only Audi I would consider is the 1.8t.  That doesn't mean Audi
doesn't make a great car.  It does.  I believe the total BMW package to be

Matt Pfeffer  - 89 200TQW - Stage II