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Re: "Gross polluter" '91 200Q -- help!

Let me go out on a limb here.  Why don't you replace your oxygen
sensor and spark plugs?  You can send me a check for the
consultation.  : )  
My sister used to live in Denver.  That's the only thing we ever did to
her car to make it pass when it failed the first try and it always passed
the second

Another suggestion is to change to thicker oil.  Run 20W/50.  It won't
burn as bad, leading to a better HC reading.

One more possibility is a contaminated catalytic converter. I would do
in this order.

spark plugs and O2

oil change

catalytic converter.

Just my .02.  I could be full of BS.

Oh, one more thing.  possibly needs cap, rotor, and/or ignition wires.

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On Mon, 02 Mar 1998 10:35:12 -0800 Arun Rao <rao@pixar.com> writes:
>Took my car in today for the biennial smog check (California). Bad 
>the guy says the car's a gross polluter, and won't pass. He didn't run
>entire test, because he would have to report it to the DMV if he did. 
>suggested I have the car looked at right away .. the HC and CO levels
>both extremely high.
>Any one had a similar experience?  Car's running like a top, except 
>occasional hard starting (10 cranks instead of 3) when cold. No idle
>But .. I haven't replaced the O2 sensor in 35,000 miles, and the plugs
>probably still original (they looked fine, though).  The car has 73K 
>Thanks in advance!
>Arun Rao
>Pixar Animation Studios
>Pt. Richmond, CA 94804
>(510) 620-3526

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