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RE: Torsen thread


I spent some time last night looking through the euro ur-q fiche. The
tranny section lists various build with both lockable center diffs and
torsen center diffs. For the rear end, the ALZ code is listed under both
the builds and goes over the build date split, so it started out as a
lockable open rear diff. Granted the section heading does list limited
slip, but when you look through the parts, it is an open diff with a
locking gear. No limited slip internals to be seen(and for completeness,
no torsen rear mentioned). And when you check out the workshop section,
all the repairs documented for the rear end are performed on an lockable
open diff.

And for Phil R.'s question about the bentley 200 listing, the table in
question documents the tranny info, and at the bottom, it lists torsen ,
which is fitted to the tranny build codes listed at the top. The line in
the table which says rear end or (? can't remember exactly), is for
which rear end was used with this tranny, and the rear end is listed as
lockable open or something close, no limited slip or torsen mentioned.
The torsen listing on the next line applies to the tranny, not the rear
end. HTH.
Dave Lawson