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re: Report on CPA Motorcars (longish)

Larry Mittell <lmittel@ibm.net> wrote:
> An additional data point is provided by the work I subsequently had CPA do
> on my 5kcstq. I had a complete service done, and the spark plugs, fuel
> pump, and driveshaft support bearing replaced for something like half what
> I reckon Vacek Polak Audi would have charged (actually, a *lot* less than
> half, since Vacek would have replaced the *entire* driveshaft assembly).

I have had a little bitty experience with Bob Allen at CPA.

I went there, because I noticed all the Audis while driving by, and
in.  I spoke to him, he was pretty friendly.

Anyway, I mentioned that I was having problems with my power window
and asked if he had any to sell.  He asked me if I wanted to buy one, or
I would prefer it if he showed me how to fix it for free.

I picked the right answer, of course.  He then showed me (and did for
me) how 
to pull the cover off the switch and spray the inside with WD40 to clean
the contacts.  No charge.  He could have sold me a couple of switches if
wanted to.

I got the impression that, while expensive in the world of 'used car
he was more the type to work towards generating customer goodwill and
its benefits, than to gouge people on the one on one basis.

My $.02