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Deer + A4 = W/O {long}

Well folks my A4 troubles may be over - wife fought this deer last night
and the wife didn't win.  Wife's ok, minor cuts, bruises and a hang-over
that she got after she came home from the hospital - that's her 2nd deer in
7 years.

She hit the animal at about 85km/h last evening on the right front, went
through windshield bent roof support, dash is off, knocked out pass. window
and back on pass. seat, ended up halfway out the back window.  Animal was
tall, hind feet were dangling on the hood and the head was stuck out the
back window.

Wife couldn't see after impact (airbag) and her eyes were shut from the
rain and debris. She held the car on the road until the last couple seconds
before she got it stopped went into the ditch and slid into a 2ft concrete
culvert - that ripped the entire RF off the car and bent the hood back over
the deer.

We tried to get the deer out last night but with the hood jammed over it we
gave up.  This morning I went to the towing firms lot, surveyed the car
(mega front-end damage) took pictures and tried to get the animal out -
needless to say it got kinda stiff over night, so its still wedged in there
waiting for the adjuster to deal with it.  What puzzles me is how can a
deer fit through the front windshield like that.  The animal is big, even
it's girth in comp. to the height of the window - deer had to be flying or
the wife was driving a lot faster than she claims.

FYI - the pass. side airbag did not deploy - you A4 owners might check this

Well, I'm gonna call the Dealer now, I can almost hear their cheers that
this one's gone.

Simcoe, Ontario