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RE: VG-2?

When you enter Canada from any US border crossing, a sign is clearly posted 
indicating that the use of radar detection devices is illegal in Canada. 
 If you're a US citizen caught using such a device you are simply fined 
($500.00 CDN is average).  Canada & US have an agreement that enables 
either country to aggressively collect fines of $500.00 or more no matter 
where you live or what your citizenship is.  Should the country of origin 
decide not to collect the fine, your name, vehicle license etc... is 
entered into the Customs & Immigration database - if you enter the country 
again, they may demand full restitution (including interest) or seize your 
vehicle once you have entered their respective domain.
If you're a Canadian and caught, you are fined and charged under the 
various provincial traffic acts - this may include losing "x" number of 
demerit points from your license, having your license suspended and fines 
of up too $1,000.00 (depending upon the province), or both.
We stopped the practice of flogging and imprisoning those caught having 
radar detectors (unless your name begins with "Martin") a few weeks back.

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Doesn't Canada send you to jail for this offense? I thought that I
remembered reading that in Autoweek.


Martin Pajak wrote:

> > > What happens if a cop detects that you do have a radar? Maybe an old
> > > one
> > > without VG-2?
> I was informed that Canadian police use a device similar to VG-2 but
> different enough to detect some undetectable radar detectors!
> This is why I have Bel 845 STi (a Canadian company).
> Apparantly the STi stands for undetectable by any kind
> of radar detector detectors.  Bel other undetectable models, but they
> do not have STi in their designation and the literature states
> "undetectable by VG-2".  Looks like ones made specifically for US
> market.
> Just a worning to all who enter Canada thinking they are safe with
> their undetectable radar detectors.
> Cheers
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