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Re: new S4 delivery schedules??

     A friend here at work just put down $1000 deposit on a new S4.  The 
     dealer told him the official US introduction will be next february and 
     at that time he will be able to fill out the order paperwork for 
     whatever equipment/color schemes he wants.  The car will arrive a few 
     months after that.  He is third on the list at this dealer and the 
     price will be the full retail at around $45k.  This guy is a 
     horsepower fanatic, (just got rid of his 540 cu in Lingenfelter 
     Corvette), so he plans to chip the S4 right away.  And if all goes 
     according to plan, I'll be buying this beauty after 2-3 years :) 
     Patrick Kelly
     '87 5kSQ
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     I just called Audi Finland today regarding the S4's I've ordered.
     Apparently the cars, originally slated for March/April production, 
     will now
     come from July/August production.  No problem yet, my customer is 
     happy to
     wait and the other I've ordered in for stock.  I'm just interested if 
     is a production shortage or a problem, or is Finland getting the 
     BTW, the whole country is getting around 15 of these beauties and 10 
     coupes this year (total psgr car market approx.115 000 units, Audi 
     target 1.8%), and it looks like I'll get 20% of them with the two TT 
     already ordered and two of three S4 orders in.  No big deal, except 
     cost around a USD 100 000 here, which is the going rate for a house, 
     anywhere from 5 to 10 yrs of takehome pay for the average guy.
     The average age of a car on our roads is now ten years.
     Jouko Haapanen
     Pori, Finland