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Re: A warning about high watt lights

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From: Paul R Anderson <audistuff@juno.com>

>Do they not chip seal the highways in the UK?
>Here in Wyoming and surrounding areas, the highway dept.
>will prolong the life of an asphalt highway by spraying it with tar
>and spreading gravel on it.  Then they let traffic pack it into the
>blacktop and blow it off the side of the road  (No rollers and
>sweepers)  This is the source of most light and window chips
>around here.

Yeah, thats what they do in the UK too. Strange how they always schedule it
just after (or during) a rain storm or just before a heatwave. That way the
chips dont stick big time and the highway depts spend the rest of the summer
sanding the roads.

Jim Haseltine
88 Ur quattro