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A warning about high watt lights

In message <19980306.160226.11902.1.audistuff@juno.com> audistuff@juno.com (Paul R Anderson) writes:

> Here in Wyoming and surrounding areas, the highway dept.
> will prolong the life of an asphalt highway by spraying it with tar
> and spreading gravel on it.  Then they let traffic pack it into the
> blacktop and blow it off the side of the road  (No rollers and
> sweepers)  This is the source of most light and window chips
> around here.

They do that on the so-called "minor" roads around here.  They generally
do it in summer, on a hot day.  Usually, the following day is even
hotter and the stuff flies everywhere.  It's known as "surface dressing"
and is not uncontroversial.  Usually the quattro stays in the garage for
a week.

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