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Sanity check - vacuum advance

In message <a40e6d2c.3502422d@aol.com> Audial writes:

> >This is a n/a I5 "JS" engine.  Anyone had this fault?
> I've never had this problem, but I don't think you're insane, either.  I'm
> prepared to believe that it should be _sensitive_, meaning that you should be
> able to get _some_ movement with an engine, a mityvac, a mouth, etc,...unless
> there's something I'm missing.  Otherwise, why the hell have it in the
> ignition system unless it is _very_ primitive?  That doesn't make sense, to
> me.
> BTW, who's this sanity check supposed to be for? ;-)

Me.  It's years since I worked on systems with mechanical advance/retard.

 Phil Payne
 UK Audi [ur-]quattro Owners Club